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I'm not Ophelia

cringe culture is undead

The year is 2012, and gloomy emo kid Lauren Krepshaw is just trying to survive seventh grade. Between schoolwork, a persistent bully, and the encroaching apocalypse, her work is cut out for her. Even worse, her best friend Diana has grown distant after the mysterious death of her sister.

But that’s alright. Lauren has another friend— an online friend named Eris. After a tragedy of her own, Eris takes up residence at Lauren’s home. But trouble follows. Girls around them start dying. Lauren is torn between friendships old and new, all the while grappling with strange new feelings she never dared imagine.

Eris claims that they were fated to love each other. But if so, why does Eris keep on calling Lauren some other name…?

I’m not Ophelia is a modern retelling of J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla, exploring its themes through subculture, paranormal romance, and the enduring power of the queer vampire.

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